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ORT Israel network was founded in 1949 as a network of vocational schools. Today, ORT Israel is the leading educational network of comprehensive schools in Israel, specializing in the high-tech and science fields and in instilling knowledge, skills and values in its pupils. The ORT Israel network operates throughout Israel, especially in peripheral regions, in all cutting-edge fields of scientific-technological education.


ORT Israel provides the highest quality education environments and solutions for every academic and socioeconomic level. We educate Israel's youth to become productive, caring and contributing citizens. ORT Israel does not compromise on the quality of achievements or the spirit of giving. The network firmly believes that the combination of education for giving and the promotion of science and technology is the best strategy to strengthen the social and economic fortitude of Israel.


One out of every 10 Israeli high school student's studies in an ORT managed and run institution. ORT Israel has over 100,000 students; 500,000 alumni; 7,000 employees; 201 institutions; a presence in 56 municipalities and our educational programs are implemented in 300 public schools throughout Israel.

We are to be found throughout the country, from Hatzor in the Upper Galilee,   Ma’alot and Shlomi near the Lebanese border, down to Yerucham and Arad in the

Negev. The network reflects a microcosm of Israel’s human diversity: secular and religious Jews, Druze, Arabs and Bedouin, city – dwellers and peripheral towns.



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